Teknoplus Machine Automation Electrical and Electronics Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd. is a Turkish based engineering and manufacturing company established to operate in machinery, manufacturing access control systems, automation, electrical and electronics industry. In 2011, Teknoplus started to manufacturing operations to provide high-quality products and unique solutions with a profound knowledge in security field by using the modern engineering applications in Ankara, Turkey.

The company, mainly provides vehicle and pedestrian access control systems and ideal security solutions by designing and manufacturing hydraulic road blockers, automatic and manual road bollards, hydraulic and mechanical tyre killers, different types of arm barriers, sliding gates, swing gates, turnstiles and their sub-systems. We are constantly expanding the product range to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the security industry.

Teknoplus offers customized and practical solutions with high quality security systems and products for its customers all over the world, thanks to its many years of experience, deep knowledge in the field of security and its expert production line. All security access systems provided by Teknoplus were designed by an experienced and skilled engineer and technical staff. The systems are manufactured in advanced and specialized production facilities, with experienced workmanship, from the highest quality materials and electronic components with the highest reliability in the market.

High quality products under the Teknoplus brand are used to control vehicle and pedestrian access, protect areas with high security requirements, and regulate vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Our products are used for security purposes at entry-exit points that are threatened by suicide vehicle attacks such as military bases, government offices, police offices, embassies, airports, and research centers. And also, they are used safely to control the traffic flow in places such as pedestrian walkways, schools, streets that are temporarily or permanently closed to vehicle traffic, shopping centers and hospitals.

Teknoplus provides security risk analysis, installation, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales support services in many countries, especially in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, with its service-oriented approach.