HTK series hydraulic tyre killers are spike barriers which are hydraulics operated and designed to be used at high security requiring entrance points that might be under attack by vehicles.

Hydraulic tyre killers’ mechanical system includes heavy-duty spikes which rise from the ground that damage even the heavy vehicles with high speed. While conventional tyre killers only puncture the tyres and wheels, HTK hydraulic tyre killer highly damages the vehicle from the front and bottom by its raising spikes from the road surface in a couple of seconds. After the damage caused by the spikes that are directly inserted into the vehicle, it is not possible for the vehicle to move further. The spikes are manufactured from high-quality structural steel, between 250mm - 450mm height according to requirements and with an angle of 45 degrees. The hardened spikes of hydraulic tyre killer move all together as they are connected on the same bar.

The hydraulic tyre killers can be installed with various access control systems like gates, arm barriers, rising road bollards, road blockers at the entrance-exit points of places which requires safety against vehicle attacks such as military bases, police headquarters, embassies, airports.


  • Hydraulic tyre killers are designed for heavy-duty operations and made out of heavy materials,
  • High impact resistance according to requirements of safety,
  • Position sensing and speed control with proximity limit sensors which immediately stop the motor operation at limit points. Slowing down at closing and opening limit points which provides a silent operation,
  • The drive unit is hydraulic but in a case of power failure or any emergency situation, hydraulic tyre killer can be controlled manually with the help of manual hand pump,
  • Can be integrated with other access control devices.