TPB-E 1080 hydraulic rising road bollards are suitable vehicle access control solutions in areas where frequent and heavy duty usage is necessary to provide high level of security. TPB-E 1080 is especially designed to provide high resistance to impact forces. Thanks to powerful internal hydraulic power pack design, it is an ideal choice for high frequency operations and heavy duty works. It is achieving high level of security while maintaining an aesthetic look. Hydraulic bollards are widely used at high security access applications and regulation of city traffic at entrance-exit points, military areas, industrial, governmental buildings and streets which are closed to traffic in certain hours of the day.
During a power failure, it is designed to be controlled manually. Thanks to PLC controlled electronics, the raising-lowering operation can be achieved by card readers, remote control, on/off key switches, biometric readers etc. Safety accessories like photocells, loop detectors and other optional accessories like traffic lights, flash lights can be integrated to the system.


  • Internal hydraulic power pack design provides maximum reliability,
  • Heavy gauge cylinder, cover and underground case,
  • PLC and best quality electronics that provide synchronized operations of grouped bollards with a single control cabinet,
  • Thanks to modular case design, easy to installation and maintenance,
  • Smooth and silent operation with internal hydraulic system,
  • Suitable for intense usages at high frequency accessing, 10000 + movements per day,
  • In case of a power failure, it is possible to control manually,
  • Optionally adjustable operation times and emergency fast operation mode,
  • Aesthetic design.